Beginner’s guide to rolling paper

rolling papers

Rolling papers are used for holding dry herbs for smoking. They are also used for making cigarettes to hold the tobacco. Rolling papers are of various types. They come in different shapes, flavors, and sizes. Rolling papers allow you to roll a perfect joint and enjoy the flavor of cannabis.

Rolling papers also help control the dosage while being easy to use and portable. It’s easily the most convenient way to ingest THC. While this is true, it’s important to choose the right rolling paper that does not contain any harmful additives as this is harmful to your health. Even if there are some adverse side effects faced by this method, they usually tend to clear up on their own.
Rolling papers fall into the inhalation category when it comes to the ingestion of Cannabis. It works by directly delivering the cannabinoids to the bloodstream. When the smoke is inhaled, it directly reaches the alveoli or ‘air-sacs’ in the lungs. This site is rich with blood vessels. The gaseous exchange that takes place helps the cannabinoids get directly absorbed by the bloodstream. This is why the hit or that feeling of euphoria is felt within minutes. The smoke doesn’t have to be held or anything for the effects to kick in. These effects usually last for a couple of hours depending on the quantity and potency of cannabis.
Rolling papers are of various types. A few of these are – hemp, rice, flavored, and colored and wood pulp.

Hemp is the healthy version of rolling paper. They are made with 100% natural hemp fibres. They benefit the environment also as its all-natural and eco-friendly. These types of rolling papers are usually tasteless.

Rice papers are more affordable than hemp papers. This is a food-safe rolling paper and has a ton of benefits. This is best suited for people who enjoy the natural taste and smell of the herb.

Flavored and colored papers are filled with additives to make them more aesthetic and add to the experience. They also come in several flavors like mint, bubble-gum, etc. It’s important to always check the ingredients before buying such a paper to ensure no harmful additives are being used.

Wood Pulp papers include chemicals to slow the rate at which the joint burns. These are slightly lower quality that also impacts the taste of the herb. These are more expensive than rice-based rolling papers.

To determine the BEST kind of rolling paper, you need to first determine what exactly you’re looking for in the experience. If you’re worried about the environment and prefer to go all-natural then a plant-based rolling paper is the best. If you’re in it for the thrill and love to experiment, more exotic versions are better suited.

Now that we’ve covered what a rolling paper is and its different forms, let’s talk about how to use the rolling paper to roll a joint.

  • All you have to do is crush or grind the cannabis buds and get rid of the stems and seed. Take your time doing this as no seeds or stems must be present in the actual joint. 
  • Hold one of the rolling papers. Use your index finger to demarcate where the filter will be. Then, use your free hand to load it up with the crushed herb. 
  • Make sure you fill it uniformly and it is packed evenly in the middle. 
  • Now use your thumb and middle finger to roll the paper to form a tube. 
  • Roll the tube just enough so that only the glue stick is exposed. 
  • Use a little moisture to the glue stick to keep it in place. 
  • Use the cut card stock of appropriate dimensions as the filter. 
  • Insert this into the empty portion of the joint. 
  • Twist this filter until it opens and is locked in place. 
  • Smoke the perfect joint and enjoy!
There are also joint rollers and the like to make this easier for you in case you find this task difficult. Always store the rolling papers in a cool and dry place so they don’t stick together.
Before experimenting with more professional rolls, experiment with basic papers, and perfect it. Moondrop can help you in your quest for the best supplies, visit us to know more.

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