Elements Hemp


  • Elements Red Slow Burn Hemp Rolling Papers contain – 33 papers per pack
  • Size of each Hemp rolling paper – 76mm long and 44mm wide
  • Premium rolling papers: slow and even burning
  • Use of sugar gum: Organic rolling papers that produce a tiny line of ash as the gum turns into caramel
  • Unparalleled smoking accessories with 100% wind powered production by Elements
  • Browse wide range of cheap and premium smoking accessories only on Moondrop.

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Eating healthy food and getting a gym membership aren’t the only possible routes to a healthy lifestyle. It is equally important to purchase premium smoking accessories including organic rolling paper and much more! Elements is one of the most trusted brands making sure you only use the best smoking accessories.

After the success of Elements Rolling Papers in rice, they bedazzled the smoking community by introducing their all new Red Slow Burn Hemp Rolling Papers. Try Elements rolling paper from Moondrop and you will not be disappointed!


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