Gizeh Green Fine(Hemp)


50 Papers

  • Weight: 18.5 g/m²
  • Size: 35.8 x 68 mm
  • Cut Corners
  • Medium Burning


  • GIZEH FINE is an extra fine rolling paper with a basis weight of18.5 g/m² and a strip of natural Arabic gum, the sap of the acacia tree. The fine paper ensures pure tobacco enjoyment. The paper has cut corners to make rolling easier. It burns slowly and may go out when it is not being smoked.


We millennials don’t compromise on the quality of anything and hence, why shy away from buying the best quality cigarette rolling paper? Gizeh organic papers are one of the best premium rolling papers available today.

Gizeh is acclaimed as one of the most popular brands for smoking accessories today. The Gizeh Green Fine is a thin, cut corner rolling paper which has been designed for super easy rolling, and gives a slow burn with very little ash.


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