How to roll a joint? Step by Step Guide for beginners

How to roll a joint
If you’re new to the game and have questions about how to roll the perfect joint for that amazing high, don’t worry, we got you.
The joint is one of the most iconic ways to enjoy cannabis and extract the true flavor of the flower. While there are SEVERAL ways to roll the perfect joint, the most important thing to remember is to make the joint burn smoothly.

Step 1: Break it down

There are several things that one has to do to roll a joint. It’s best to first get an idea of what needs to be done rather than cramming it in one step at a time. Have your rolling paper ready, the sieve or mesh, and all the other requirements ready. And yes, of course, have the weed ready too!

Step 2: Crushing

The consistency of the weed needs to be just right. You don’t want to strain your lungs smoking HUGE particles. It’s best to use a grinder to get an even consistency but you can also use your hands. The problem with using hands is that the leaves tend to lump up. So be careful to make sure this doesn’t happen!

Step 3: The Filter

The filter is essential to prevent any loose weed from flying into your mouth. Use any thick paper you may have around the house for this. Rip it and fold it into a W at one end and roll the rest of the paper around this. Any other shape also works just as long as it doesn’t have too many wide gaps.

Step 4: Put it on paper

Now we make things official and put it on paper. Before placing the weed onto the paper, decide which side your filter is going to go. Now you can either choose to roll it in the form of a pin or a bat. oesn’t have too many wide gaps.
The pin is more like a cigarette with an even distribution throughout – best for sharing in groups as everyone gets an equal hit with each drag. Bat is wider at one end and slowly tapers down at the other – best for solo smoking. With the bat, make sure the filter is less and the amount of weed you put in increases gradually as you move away from the filter.
Use your thumb and forefinger to roll it. Do this simply to just get the shape of a cylinder.

Step 5: Tuck

This is the most crucial stage of rolling a joint. Start rolling at the filter end of the joint and keep working your way down. But while you’re doing this, tuck the paper around. Then move your thumb to the other end and repeat. Take your time with this step and make sure to nail the rolling.

Step 6: Roll and Lick

It’s time to seal the deal. When you’re 100% happy with your tuck, get ready to seal the joint. Roll the joint enough, leaving a little space for the glue end. Dab a little moisture onto the filter end of it. Pat it on one side to seal it. Then work your way through the rest of the joint similarly.

Step 7: Checking the roll

Make sure the joint is tightly rolled. To do this, you can use a pen or a shoelace tip or anything gentle and blunt to just poke the weed closer together. Make sure you don’t pack it too tight either as this will reduce the actual airflow!

Step 8: Twist or get lit?

If you’re saving the joint for later, pat the free end of the joint with a little moisture and twist the end shut. You can do this if you want to smoke it immediately as well so it makes it easier for you to light it. But it’s not a necessary step. If you’re too impatient and can’t wait to start right away, then don’t worry, just go for it.
A few last pointers –
  • If you need to keep lighting it to smoke, that means the flower is too fine. Next time, grind it a little less.
  • If it’s too clunky then the joint will burn unevenly.
  • Don’t worry if the joint gets loose halfway through, you can always start again by just pinching it a little tighter.
So, here you go! This is your perfect beginner’s guide to roll the perfect joint! If you need more tips and supplies, get in touch with us!

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