Joints V/s Bong, which is a better alternative?

Joints Vs Bong

Once you get the hang of smoking, you would want to explore the different options to get the best flavor and experience from your herbs. While joints are the go-to jam for most of us, bongs have gained immense popularity over the years. Some say joints are the best and some prefer bongs over anything else.

Since it has been a topic of discussion for quite a long time now, we’ve decided to analyze the facts ourselves to shed some light on it.

Price Factor

Let’s start with the most basic difference – the price factor. To roll a joint, you just need a rolling paper that usually comes in a pack which is quite affordable (around Rs. 50-150). A bong, on the other hand, is a one-time investment. Their price can begin from Rs. 300-400 and reach as high as Rs. 4000 to 5000 if you go for the branded ones.


Here, without a doubt, the joint is our clear winner! Not only a joint is extremely portable, but due to its compact size, it is way more discreet and won’t garner any unnecessary attention. You can simply carry a pack of rolling papers and your stash of herbs in the pocket of your jeans and smoke wherever you want. But when it comes to bongs, as small as they might be, are quite difficult to hide or carry around. If you need to be discreet, bongs are definitely not a suitable option.

Quality of Smoke

When you are smoking a joint, you are not just inhaling your herbs, but the paper in which they are rolled. With a bong, you inhale what you put inside it and even get a bigger hit. But nowadays, there are exceptional brands in the market like RAW, Mascotte, Elements that offer rolling papers made from organic material to provide an unparalleled smoking experience and won’t cause any harm to your health.

The Intensity of the High

Now comes the most exciting point! Which gives the better high – a bong or a joint?
For this, while deciding the better alternative, it completely depends on the personal preference of an individual. Some like strong hits while others prefer mild ones.
A joint hits more harshly than a bong. But still, its intensity is not that much as most of the joints are rolled with a mix of herbs and tobacco which makes them comparatively milder. With bongs, the smoke is pure and considerably cooled down because of the water pipe. Bongs also offer a smoother and stronger hit as you have to inhale a huge amount of smoke in a single go.

Health Factor

When it comes to health factors, there are very limited studies on the topic. Many believe that a bong is a healthier alternative as the bong water filters out most of the harmful fumes, tar, and chemicals in the smoke. But along with these toxic substances, bongs also filter out the good stuff which is associated with the health benefits of marijuana.
On the other hand, joints are considered to be a more harmful alternative, especially if you mix your herbs with tobacco. But that’s why we have filter tips! You can browse through a myriad of filter tips from leading brands available at Moondrop. They will filter out the smoke and minimize the toxic fumes and chemicals you inhale.


In comparison to bongs, joints last much longer as it takes quite a few draws to finish one joint. However, in between the draws, when the joint is burning, the smoke gets wasted. Moreover, rolling a regular-sized joint needs at least 4 to 5 grams of herbs while for a bong, 2 grams will be sufficient and it will also provide a bigger and better high in the same amount. All this indicates that when it comes to efficiency, a bong is a clear winner here.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you! Everything boils down to what you prefer. If you like sharing your stash with your homies, then there’s nothing better than a joint as it is discreet and can be easily passed around. And if you want a better high in a single hit, bongs are the way to go.
No matter what you choose, we at Moondrop are there to provide you the best quality of smoking essentials to make your smoking experience completely hassle-free!

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