Mascotte 1/4 Slim


  • Mascotte Extra Thin Organic papers made from 100% hemp using organic fibres from certified plants.

light weight – 14 g/m2

  • Green products: Organic rolling papers made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Only the : best hemp rolling paper
  • Size: Length- 68mm and Width – 36mm
  • Quantity: One pack of Mascotte contains 33 sheets
  • Quality: Premium standard and quality rolling papers
  • Purchase premium quality smoking accessories only from Moondrop


The world is witnessing a revolutionary shift from purchasing branded cigarettes to buying tobacco and rolling paper to roll their own smokes. Moondrop is making this shift easier by providing you premium rolling papers such as Mascotte rolling papers.

Mascotte is one of the most reliable brands out there and their ¼ Slim is made from the miracle plant hemp. Mascotte goes back to 1858 and this company uses only the best quality natural ingredients to manufacture quality smoking accessories.


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