Our Top 5 Favourite Rolling Paper Brands

rolling paper brand
If you are a pro stoner, you know that rolling papers can make or break your smoking game. While the good ones can get you soaring through the skies, the wrong ones can ruin your stuff.
Rolling papers that burn nice and slow help in enhancing your experience and let you enjoy the true flavors of your herbs. But the ones that blaze too fast disguise the real flavors of your buds and may leave an ashy taste in your mouth.
Whether you are a health-conscious smoker, a stylish stoner, or a weed connoisseur, quality rolling papers are a must in your stash. Here are our top 5 Rolling Paper brands that provide the best in class rolling sheets to roll your Js.


This brand needs no introduction to a seasoned smoker. RAW is undeniably the most popular joint product brand in the industry that makes eco-friendly and high-quality papers from unrefined, chemical-free natural plant material. The best part about these rolling papers is when you roll your joints using them, you can truly taste the original flavor of your marijuana. They are super thin, lightweight, and specially watermarked for a slow and even burn.


Elements is a big name in the rolling paper industry for quite some time now. It is known for producing rolling papers from 100% natural and organic materials such as rice and sugar. The ash produced by these papers is negligible and they don’t affect the taste of your terps. To facilitate convenient rolling, Elements Rolling Papers are folded at the side rather than in the middle.

Smoking Master

Smoking Master is another renowned brand that makes premium rolling papers with 100% natural vegetable gum, without any artificial dyes or additives. They are designed to stick with just one lick and are perfect to roll fat joints.


Gizeh is one of the oldest smoking accessory company that was founded in 1920 and is running strong ever since. Their transparent rolling papers are made with natural fibers that provide an unparalleled smoking experience. For gum, they use special organic Arabic Gum from Spain which has been manufactured without any synthetic colors or ingredients to have complete control over the purity and guarantee of cleanliness.


Back in 1858, Mascotte was first formed as a cigar and cigarette manufacturer. Slowly and steadily it ventured into the smoking accessory industry and has been a leader from the beginning. It produces Europe’s finest rolling papers, now with magnetic closure packs to keep them clean and fresh. The lightweight paper is specially designed to work with filter tips providing perfect tools for a pleasurable smoke.
Any bud enthusiast can tell that the right kind of rolling paper makes a world of a difference in your smoking experience. Regardless of whether you need rolling papers to roll your cigarettes, cigars, or special herbal blends, you are going to want to buy the best one possible.
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