Raw Organic Hemp (Pack of 10)

1,200.00 1,000.00

  • Organic rolling paper: made from plants
  • Premium smoking accessories: Comes with a run-preventing watermark system
  • Each RAW rolling paper pack contains: 33 leaves per pack
  • Rolling papers come with the goodness of: hemp, known for its medicinal properties
    • Find the widest range of smoking accessories only on Moondrop


If an organic hemp rolling paper had to be given a hypothetical trophy for being the best, it would be RAW Organic Hemp Paper. RAW is a smoker’s trusted brand because of the premium quality smoking accessories that they deliver and nothing less than that!

1¼ is also known as the Spanish Size since the first rolling papers were made in the Alcoy region of Spain, and that is where RAW produces its papers even today. Find the entire range of RAW and much more on Moondrop, the best place for all your smoking requirements.


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