Sandwich Etiquettes everyone should be aware of

Sandwich Etiquettes everyone should be aware of
Everything in life has a set of dos and don’ts. So, does smoking! There’s a set of unsaid rules and a form of conduct that must be followed while smoking a joint in a group.
Let’s start from the very beginning. Every group has that one person who rolls the joint. The rights to light a joint goes to this person and take the first hit. Hard work must never go unpaid.
Always know when to stop puffing when it’s your turn. ‘Puff, Puff, Pass.’ Do not hog the joint. Do not puff several times when it’s your turn unless and until you’re smoking with a very close bunch of friends.
Do not wet the joint! No one likes a slobbered joint, it’s disgusting and unsanitary. Always make sure your lips are dry when it’s your turn to take a puff. A wet joint also means the airflow is completely cut off which is undesirable.
We all like to believe our rolling skills are the best. But if there’s a senior in the group who’s more experienced, allow them to take the lead. A perfectly rolled joint is the perfectly smoked joint.
This is probably one of the most important rules but DO NOT FORCE ANYONE to smoke with you. If there’s a person in your group who is a non-smoker, do not force them or bully them into smoking. What matters most is to keep the experience fun without killing the mood for anybody.
You can never be too prepared when it comes to smoking a joint. Do not rely on others to carry all the essentials. Always keep some rolling paper and other accessories handy with you. This not only helps when no one has any but also helps when you’re running short and keeps the experience going.
Do not invite yourself to any group. Smoking up is a very personal experience. Do not force yourself into any group that you weren’t initially invited to or were a part of unless you have something to contribute. Do not hijack their greens when you do not have any of your own.
Always blow the smoke upwards. Everyone values their personal space and there may be non-smokers in the room that do not appreciate secondhand smoke in their faces.
If you want to figure out if someone smokes weed and aren’t sure how, just broach the subject casually. Talk about marijuana and provide your point of view. They’ll volunteer information based on the flow of the conversation.
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