Screen Pipes and its Uses

Screen Pipes and its Uses
While choosing between a joint or a bong, we often forget about another excellent accessory that actually offers the best of both worlds – a smoking pipe!

As a smoking tool, a pipe is a spectacular option for someone who wants a portable device without the hassle of rolling a joint. You can enjoy it alone or share it with your buddies whenever you desire. However, there’s just one factor that isn’t so appealing about this tool, and that is pull-through.

The term “pull-through” is referred to a situation that occurs when you pull too hard on the pipe and because of that, the ash or the herb is sucked in and goes right into your mouth or throat. If this happens, the round of coughing that will follow is not something you want to experience. But fortunately, there’s a solution – a pipe screen.

Pipe screens are those accessories that are used to catch the ash and prevent it from going inside your mouth while you are smoking a pipe. If you are a pipe enthusiast, a pipe screen is something you must own at all times. They are a kind of filter which have mesh screens that allow the smoke to pass through while stopping the tar, ash, and excess herbs. Using a pipe can become extremely difficult without this tool.

Moreover, pipe screens also prevent the wastage of your herbs as they catch the unsmoked materials that would otherwise end up in your mouth. Screens are also used while smoking bongs or bubblers to help keep their water clean.

Types of Pipes Screens

Now that we know what a pipe screen is used for, let’s take a look at the different types.
Metal Screens – Metal pipe screens are usually made from metals like brass, aluminum, or stainless steel. While brass and aluminum have been used as filter materials for ages, they are not that durable. Stainless steel, on the other hand, has better endurance to heat.

We advise you to procure your screens from a reputed seller as it is very difficult to figure out exactly what metal is used and if it’s of good quality. There’s just one downside, that metal screens need to be changed occasionally as they can develop large holes with prolonged usage. But despite this, they are quite popular due to their immensely affordable price.

Glass Screens – These are a safer option and last for a very long time. Even though they are not as cheap as metal screens, glass screens are not overly expensive. They are also available in a number of shapes and sizes. But if you dig around them for too long, they might break.

Quartz Screens – These days, there are quartz screens available in the market that are made from pure silica and contain no additives like boron trioxide. This makes them a great option for our health-conscious friends out there. Another plus point with them is that they can withstand very high temperatures and will not burn out easily.

Fixed Screens – This is the most popular option out there. Most of the pipes or bongs come with an attached screen. As per the manufacture’s preference, it can either be incorporated as a series of holes in a grid formation or any other pattern that will prevent the ash from entering your mouth. But these screens are not disposable and need regular cleaning for maintenance.

How to use a Pipe Screen?

Pipe screens come in a variety of sizes as per different kinds of bowls. Metal screens are malleable and can be simply pressed into the pipe until it reaches the bottom of the bowl. You just need to ensure that the entire hole is properly covered by the screen. The placement of holes is not the same for every pipe. While some pipes have them on the side, others have them on the bottom.
Additionally, you must not forget to regularly clean your screens to avoid clogging. If they are made from metal, check them for any holes. Damaged or burnt screens can also emit dangerous fumes or chemicals. Change them at least every few weeks or once a month.
Hope we were able to clear some of your doubts regarding pipe screens and their uses. Visit the Moondrop online store and browse through the range of stylish and designer glass pipes.

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