Smoking a Chillum: What all should you know?

Smoking a Chillum
A chillum is a straight conical smoking pipe. The shape and size of the chillum ensures a smooth smoking experience and a better hit. This is because they allow a large quantity of smoke to accumulate and also rapidly cools the smoke.
A chillum is the COOLEST way to smoke to get that amazing high. It’s also very easy to carry around and is convenient to pack and use.
Chillums are usually filled with tobacco or hash. About 0-1.5g of hash is used mixed with a little bit of tobacco. A cigarette of your choice and hash is required to kickstart the session.
Crumble up the tobacco thoroughly and mix it up with the hash. Make this into a fine powder. Then, ensure that the stone of the chillum is in the right place so the powder just doesn’t pour out as you’re loading it. Make sure the stone leaves enough space on the sides for the smoke to come through.
Never hold the chillum vertical. Hold it at a slight angle between your hands by making a cusp. Using both hands to hold the chillum is highly recommended. For a first-time smoker, it’s also advisable to wrap a wet cloth around the tube to ensure it cools evenly without the heat damaging your hands.
Since you’ll use both hands to hold the chillum, a friend can help you light it. Place a filter over the mouthpiece and heat the bowl. Make sure you only take a few short puffs at first. The smoke of the chillum is very overwhelming. It’s best to take your time with it, smoke slowly until you get used to the hit.
Take 2-3 puffs and inhale sharply. Allow it to settle as you enjoy the hit.
It’s important that you clean the chillum after use. You can just pass a cloth through the pipe to do this. Make sure to clean the Chillum stone as well. This ensures that the future smokes remain fresh and unadulterated and prevents the Chillum from absorbing the residual smoke.
Ideally, a chillum is smoked with a group of friends. So, take your drag and remember to pass it on so the rest of the gang can enjoy as well! There are many types of Chillums available in the market. The variation is in the material used to make the Chillum. A glass Chillum cools down faster and is more efficient than one made of wood.
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