Top 7 ways to roll your joint like a Pro!

Top 7 ways to roll your joint like a pro
Rolling a joint is nothing short of an art. If you’ve ever smoked one, you know how difficult it can be to get that perfect shape. It takes the right tools and a lot of time and patience to master this craft.
With the increasing popularity of Cannabis and joints, people all around the globe have come up with new and exciting ways of rolling. Are you ready to know all about them?
Before we start, here’s a quick tip. Always ensure that your buds are properly grounded so that the THC is evenly distributed. With that cleared out, let’s get started!
Here are the top 7 ways to roll your joint like a pro!

The Classic

If you really want to reach the next level, you need to perfect the technique of rolling a basic joint.
Ensure that your material has even consistency, then distribute it over a long piece of paper. Take the filter and insert it on the left side of your mix. Pick everything up and start rolling gently outwards with your thumbs and forefingers. Once you feel that the material is evenly placed throughout the joint, tuck it with the help of your thumbs and wrap the excess paper around the edge. Wet the glue and seal the joint.

Dutch Tulip

Now that you know how to roll the regular joint, we can move to the beautiful Dutch Tulip joint. For this, start by taking two rolling papers and glue them together. Fold one side over and line up the glue strip with the edge of the folded piece. Seal it by gluing the strip over the edge.
You will have a conical shape that is ready to be filled with the smoking material. Now roll a normal joint. Fill the cone you made first and stick the regular joint in the middle of the filled cone. Twist the paper around the normal joint and seal it with glue strip. That’s it! Your tulip joint is ready!

Inside Out

This technique will save a significant amount of paper and you will be able to taste the true flavor of your terps while reducing the amount of ash inhaled. Just flip the rolling paper so that the glue strip is facing downwards and is on the side closest to you. Add the crushed buds directly against the glue strip and roll up firmly. When the strip touches the side of the paper, lick the paper and attach them together. A bit of the paper will be left which you can snip off.

The Pinner

As the name suggests, this is a super-thin joint- just like a pin! It will have a low cannabis content that will be sufficient for one person. We do not need a wide paper, single wides will do. Grind almost half the usual amount of your bud and sprinkle on the rolling sheet. Keep it in a straight, thin line and start rolling with the tips of your fingers. Try to keep it as tight as possible. Seal and enjoy while it lasts!

The Cross

Here you need to roll two joints, one long and thick and the other just like the pinner joint. For the large one, take a wider rolling paper and roll it up in a cylindrical shape with a filter at one end. It should be pretty thick so that the pinner joint can pass through it.
Now roll a thin joint without filter and twist it at both ends. Take a needle or a sharp tool to poke a hole near the end of the large joint. The hole should be large enough to fit the pinner joint but not too big as it can spoil the shape. Once the hole is made, push the smaller joint carefully inside the hole so that a cross is formed. Seal the places where the two joints are connected with glue strips. Now poke tiny holes at either side of the pinner joint, light up the three ends, and experience the ecstasy.

The Braid

If you want to notch up your creativity a bit, the braid joint will be perfect. All you need is to roll three extra-long joints. To make an extra-long joint, just connect two rolling papers and roll them in the normal way. Make sure they are loose enough to be twisted without breaking. Place the rolled joints together from the filter ends and tape them. Now fold them like you braid someone’s hair. Once they are completely intertwined, twist the ends so they are locked together. Your braid joint is ready to be enjoyed!

The Shotgun

This joint looks uber cool and adds an element of swag to your smoking session. What’s better? It’s quite simple to make.
Take two rolling papers and reduce their width by a quarter. Roll them to make two small joints. Then take a full-size rolling sheet and wrap it around these two joints and seal them together. When they will be sealed and connected, they will appear like the barrel of a shotgun. Now you just have to light them up and have fun!
Now that you know how to roll some of the craziest joints, what are you waiting for? Try them out and practice as much as you can.
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