What should be your top items in your Smoking Box?

Moondrop offers you a spectacular option to create your own customized smoking box! You can choose from a wide selection of handpicked and premium smoking tools that are bound to provide you the most pleasurable smoking experience ever!
To help you out, we have shortlisted a few essential items that are a must in your personal arsenal. Check them out!

Rolling Papers

Duh! It goes without saying that every smoking stash is incomplete without some rolling sheets. But you just can’t roll your stuff in any ordinary quality rolling paper. They need to be made from pure and natural material so that you can enjoy the true flavors of your terps.
At Moondrop, we offer premium rolling sheets from the leading brands like RAW, Gizeh, Smoking Silver, Elements, and many more! They are specially made from organic ingredients and are super thin for a hassle-free rolling.

Filter Tips

There’s always an ongoing debate about joints vs blunts. Some prefer joints while others like blunts. Then comes the health issues that are linked with regular smoking of joints. When you use filter tips, the smoke passes a longer way through the filter and removes most of the harmful substances. Even if you are not concerned about your health, a joint without a filter can burn your throat and leave a nasty taste in your mouth. So it’s best you always stock your stash with a handful of filters.
You can buy a pack of 120 or 150 filters at Moondrop that will keep you covered for a while.

Rolling Tray

For many, a rolling tray may seem insignificant, but only a hardcore stoner knows its true value. Sure, you can roll a joint on a table or a piece of cardboard, but having a tray with you as you need can really come in handy. These trays are usually quite affordable and come in different shapes and sizes. They make your life much easier by keeping all your herbs in one contained place while you roll, so you can collect them later instead of brushing them off your clothes.
At Moondrop, you will find premium quality Coconut Katori that is handcrafted with 100% organic and eco-friendly material. It is a perfect base that will be a great addition to your Stoner Stash.

Joint Roller

Rolling a perfect joint every single time can be difficult even for a pro stoner, especially if you have to roll a ton of them at once. It will take a lot of time and your rolling abilities tend to fade away after 4 or so joints. But if you own a joint roller, you can roll as many joints as you want with perfection in 10 to 15 seconds flat!
Moondrop brings you an exclusive selection of high-quality branded Joint Rollers that will make joint-rolling a piece of cake.

Stoner Pouch

This is one essential that has to be present in your smoking kit. Every seasonal stoner has a storage case or pouch in which he keeps all his supplies safely. These cases will keep the smell locked in and your terps will last longer and stay hidden. If you have a habit of forgetting, then these pouches will also help you to keep everything in one place where they can be easily found.


An ashtray is an absolute necessity if you want to keep your clothes clean and smoke-free. The Palmer Ashtray at Moondrop is extremely easy to carry around at all times to stub your cigarette in, thus leaving behind no trace of cigarette litter. It is waterproof and efficiently contains the odor of your cigarettes. The whole thing is secured with a snap button so everything stays neat and tidy.
These are just a few essentials that are necessary for your stoner stash. If you want to update it further, you can add a few more items like glass pipes, chillums, J-holders, lighters, etc.
Now pick your favorites and create your personalized smoking stash only at the exclusive online store of Moondrop!

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