Why you should go for a 420 box/kit?

Why you should go for a 420 box

If you’ve got the vibe and the company in place and all set, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything else right before you’re about to roll a joint or a cigarette. Keeping a check on whether you have all the supplies at all times can be a bit of a mood-killer and a tedious job if you can’t refill them easily. This is probably why it’s always better to have some of Moondrop’s kits handy – to have all your smoking necessities in one place.

Luckily, Moondrop offers a stellar collection of products that can be bought individually. But more importantly, we provide premium quality of 420 Boxes and Kits that will have you covered multiple smoke sessions.

Our 420 Noob Kits and 420 Premium Kits contain everything from smooth rolling paper to ashtrays. The rolling papers vary in brands, paper material, size, and flavors to lend a helping hand – regardless of the number of people you want to roll your cigarettes or joints with. We also made sure to add in a Doob Tube and Tips so you have the complete kit for a happy time. Both 420 Noob and Premium Kits come stocked with 13 items each but with a different variety of goodies, so you can have the luxury of choice while making a purchase.

If you have plans for a larger party or if you are a regular smoker, our boxes are the perfect fit for you. Aside from having the basics like tips and rolling papers, these boxes also come with a good-looking and functional glass pipe. Speaking of being useful, the 420 Box contains a Coconut Katori too, which saves you a trip to buy any extras. In case you opt for our 420 Box #2, you will also get yourself a super-effective chillum with it. The chillum is sent out with a cover for itself which is always helpful when it comes to storage. Just like our 420 Noob and Premium Kits, our boxes are equipped with a variety of rolling papers from brands like RAW, Gizeh, and Mascott. They also come with an ashtray each to help you keep your session clean and convenient.

These kits and boxes don’t just make for useful supplies for personal use but they also double out as fabulous gifts for friends and family. The kits are compact and sleek on the outside if you are on the lookout for something that can be handed out to multiple people. On the other hand, Moondrop’s boxes are a bit larger and packed with more supplies in case you were looking for gifts for the close buds.

There are enough choices to pick from in our kits and boxes which make buying decisions quite easier. Free yourself from the hassle of buying separate products that could finish up anytime and there is no bigger buzzkill than a shortage of supplies midway through a good trip.

Moondrop is always available to answer any concerns you may have regarding our line of products including these kits and boxes. Reach out to us if you have any queries or need details about our 420 kits and boxes and we will be happy to help you!

Filter Tips and Rolling Papers

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