Your Go-to Accessories for a Stoner Party

Accessories for a Stoner Party
Hosting a stoner party can be a daunting task and requires a lot of planning and effort. If you are a first-timer, then you definitely need some essential accessories to make your bash a total hit! Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of accessories that are a must for your stoner party. Take a look!

Filter Tips and Rolling Papers

Let’s face it – no party is ever complete without the adequate stock of quality rolling papers and filter tips. They are an absolute necessity to create those beautiful joints that provide you the sweetest high. Before throwing a bash, always ensure that you have enough of these essentials so that your homies can enjoy to the fullest!


A grinder is an important tool in your smoking stash. If you are a frequent smoker, you must always keep it within your hand’s reach. This accessory becomes even more essential when you are throwing a party. Why? Well, for starters, you can use it to dice up your herbs real quick without getting your hands sticky and grimy. Whether you are using bongs, pipes, or rolling a joint, your buds will be perfectly crushed for the best smoking experience.

Ash Trays and Rolling Trays

If you are smoking indoors, it’s obvious that you’ll be needing ash trays to keep your home and surroundings clean. As a responsible stoner, you must have at least 2-3 ash trays in the party area to avoid any kind of a mess.
When you are having a stoner party, numerous joints are rolled and smoked. Having a good rolling tray will help you roll blunts, joints, and spliffs effortlessly and without causing any wastage of your precious stuff

Glass Pipe

A glass pipe is a superb accessory that provides you a special kind of high. Not only does it look extremely stylish but, it is one of the safest smoking tools as glass does not release harmful off-gases with smoke. Moreover, a glass pipe is probably the most efficient, easy, and quickest way to smoke your herbs. If nothing else, you will surely fall in love with their eye-catching colors and designs.


Your party would be incomplete without this spectacular smoking tool. It is, without a doubt, the favorite smoking accessory of all the seasoned stoners out there! Besides being a great addition to your arsenal, a bong greatly reduces the number of toxins inhaled while smoking. Some of them include a special water pipe that filters and cools down the smoke as well.
Nowadays, there are plenty of options when it comes to bongs, from basic to super trendy and designer ones, you can pick a beautiful piece as per your budget.

Joint Roller

Machine joint rollers are a godsend! These excellent tools help to make perfect joints with minimum effort and save a lot of time and energy. You don’t want to be wasting your whole time rolling joints when you should be out there, enjoying the party with your buddies. Just buy a nice joint roller and make as many joints as you want without any hassle!


Whether you are smoking a joint, a bong, a chillum, or a pipe, you will need something to light them. Hence, make sure that you have enough lighters so that your homies can truly enjoy themselves at the party without worrying about it.

Container or Pouch

When you are throwing a bash, there has to be an oversupply of green herbs. Having a pouch or container is the best method to store your buds safely. We recommend you to get an airtight container or a zip-lock pouch to keep your stuff fresh and in good condition for a long time.
Of course, there are many more accessories that you can purchase for your stoner party such as chillums, vaporizers, etc. But we suggest you start with the ones we have mentioned.
Moondrop is there to bring your smoking essentials right at your doorstep. Simply place your order on our website and get ready for a party that will be remembered for a long time!

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